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Makish concerned about the company's future, and are more concerned with personal growth and all-round development of each employee.This concern is reflected not only in helping employees to enhance the professionalism, but also reflects the sincere concern employees. At the same time, continue to enrich the amateur lives of our staff. The company's investment in staff learning is very hard. The company organized a variety of collective activities for employees each year: tourism, recreational, competition, picnic and so on. At this moment we are not just Makish employees but also a close family. Because we firmly believe that the people-oriented, and honesty is foundation. Really cares about every step of the growth and development of the employees, We can become really a family - Common rise.
Makish concept of corporate culture system:
Enterprise purpose: sunshine quality, sunshine service
Values: Sincerity-oriented, good faith to the letter
Corporate vision: to maximize the spread of power of customers and the radiation force of brand
Enterprise mission: With the quality to create brilliant prospect, and increase social glory
Marketing idea: Cooperation and Development,harmony and win-win
Brand slogan: born with elegance, accumulated during millions of years with high quality
Behavior patterns: Professional, focused, specialty
Enterprise spirit: Quality is the fundamental of the brand, honesty is the soul of the brand
Business philosophy: Products and culture coexist, quality and brand presence, value and service leader
Management philosophy: With a system of tubes, Steward with the process, Do "strict, quasi, fine, refined." Strict and rigorous, Severe word pawn. Accurate specification, rule-based, meticulous, quantitative management, excellence, the pursuit of excellence.
Quality concept: Corporate life, Staff quality, Social Responsibility
Values: Customer first,Employees Supreme, Harmony and win-win
Service concept: Service is also productive
Probity concept: Integrity of the law,Thrifty, and industrious,Honest business
Market outlook: Prepared for danger in times of peace, Forge ahead
Talent: Respect for knowledge, attention to talent,Jobs appointing capable, dual-purpose talent, The cultivation mechanism, with a live talent
The concept of execution: Calmly decisive, Abide by regulations, vigorous and resolute
Team concept: Overall awareness, Efficient operation, Coordinated and concerted
Cost concept: Scientific and rational, live within our means, practice strict economy
Concept of time: thousand years too long, seize the day
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