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Customer service system
  • Is an excellent enterprise in particular, constitutes an important part of the sales and service enterprises. Is clearly "customer service philosophy" customer service personnel is relatively fixed, the standard customer service and process, every aspect of service quality standards;A customer-centric; to enhance their visibility, reputation and customer loyalty for the purposes of the business activities of a range of elements.Customer service is the main service hotline form, coordinated handling customer complaints and suggestions in a timely manner, all with customer satisfaction as the starting point and the ending point of the work.

    Service tenet: coexistence of service and quality, solutions for customers of the worries, tree company brand!

  • Principles:

    1, the principle of quality assurance

    "Sunshine Quality, sunshine services" Makish (Yunfu) stone industry with high quality products, professional sales team, combined with perfect service management, of course, is your confidence guaranteed.

    2, "customer first" principle

    Customer satisfaction has always been our goal, the enterprise can not survive without customers. "Customer First" principle is followed by Makish every employee in the customer service process.

    3, Principles of effective communication

    Respect for customers, all for the sake of customers, to provide customers with high quality service, this is Mei Qi Shi people of our service philosophy. We must stand on the customer's perspective, understanding customers. When there is a difference, even more anxious by anxious customers, patience, good communication with the customers specific details, not make assumptions about the customer, not to turn.

    4, Principles of professionalism

    All responsible experts will appear, in strict accordance with State requirements and specification acceptance, and strive to create more fine sheet metal works.

    5, Principle of sincere treatment, service with a smile

    "Sincere approach, service with a smile" permeate every aspect of customer service, by distance, smiling service and customers closer together in good faith, sincere, service with a smile forever!

    6, With customers development principles

    Makish continue to provide customers with high quality service to establish a state-of-the-art business philosophy, market-oriented, customer satisfaction as the center, with quality as the guarantee, to the win-win development.

Customer service structure:
  • (1)Pre-sale services

    Our company and Spain promise the largest natural stone company Novo Wan Tianna group new "LEVANTINA BY MAKISH" stone Hall was completed in March 12, 2012. Perfect presents our company the stone inside the decorative effects, can better help customers make project planning and system requirement analysis, making our products to best meet user needs, while making the customer's investment the most comprehensive economic benefits through pre-sales services, we can understand the situation of consumers, thereby selecting a consumer products, it can save customers time and pick out plate of the satisfied customers hearts, to achieve a multiplier effect.

    Service tenet: coexistence of and quality of services, address customer concerns, establish the company's brand!

  • (2)In-sale service

    Our company has two large stores, stock ershijiwan, various specifications, Providing customers with more choice, we have a professional and enthusiastic sales team, customer sales services in harmony and natural atmosphere, sales initiative, enthusiasm, patience and thoughtful service attitude to customers about product features, as well as the first time brings the customer to the appropriate sheet repository of ideal, until customers pick up to the satisfaction of the appropriate product!

    (3)After-sales service

    Our company newly set up 400 customer service center, this institution was established with the aim of strengthening links between companies with customers, consumer letter calls timely visits, patient answers to consumer advisory. While collecting consumers' views on the quality of products, and timely feedback to follow up with the relevant departments under the circumstances. Consumer telephone return visit on a regular basis to understand customer usage and the customer's perception of the company, from which problems the problems identified, and constant improvement and perfection, and strive to do better!

Customer feedback
  • Customer service phone:400-085-6686



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