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  • Spiritual home - harmonious build

    I often smiling - because I love my job;

    I will tidy makeup - because this is my polite image;

    I will care for others - because I know how to take care of themselves;

    helpful - because we are all of my colleagues and friends;

    I will the cordial attitude - because I like my team and customers;

    I will keep improving - because this is my job and professional services;

    I will obey the overall situation-because the company used to be a whole;

    I can treat myself-because everyone makes mistakes and errors.

    I will be creating their own-because success belongs to keep ahead of me!

  • Employees readme - we always smile
  • Who has a dream in the heart, eyes will be shining! We bow to the road, but don't forget to make as their own Sky packed; ordinary days, because the pursuit of--no longer ordinary! Elegance and accompany us, right in the middle of the day through the layers of mediocrity!

    "Great from ordinary, brilliant from the humble", always have a smile with me and my colleagues all the way through.Smile sun awakens in us the dreams of youth, sharpening our edge of groan, warm our morale, it makes us strong, optimistic and confident......Back in the company since its establishment more than more than 2000 days and nights, we storm all the way songs all the way, we have to stick to their convictions, conscientious work, practical man, youth in silence dedicated to the flying "stage", how much sweat and hard work freely, more shining we sincerely and smile!

    Smile is the attitude, is dedicated, is the sentiment, is the understanding of life and pursue! In this mundane job we always filled with smiles, Sunshine flowing in aroma Park, squash!We always smile because we believe Makish (Yunfu) stone family is growing, growing strong! It has been carried our hopes and dreams all the goofy, fly free!

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