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Overseas investigation group
Going out and bringing in "- July 12 - July 27, under Yunfu municipal government organized, The overseas investigation group personally led by the mayor Zhuo Zhiqiang, brought together Yunfu Stone industry more than a dozen corporate CEOs to the economic survey and building materials and decorative design projects in Australia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates to negotiate.Liu Zhen, general manager of the company, have mixed feelings: Guangdong Building Materials and Yunfu Stone is widely favored by the international, international market potential is enormous, doubled confidence in the development of the company's products in the future!
The Yunfu Stone Chamber of Commerce vice president of the unit
"Stone City" Yunfu stone base in the country's prestigious and well-known international stone trade market. Once the company opened, Yunfu Stone joined the Chamber of Commerce and became vice president of the unit, and industry association, to build information platform together, grasp the dynamic information, lead the industry trend, this is a company specialized operation, the industry functioning society initiatives.
Honorary title
Makish (Yunfu) stone co., Ltd. make "Sunshine quality, Sunshine Service" for the purpose, dedicated to the pursuit of quality of the product, to honor the commitment to quality service for every customer, full recognition and wide acclaim won from the new and old customers and consumers. March 15, 2012, the products obtained glorious title and awarding of "The product of the public trust" by the the Yunfu daily newspaper Yunfu City Federation of Industry and Commerce, Yunfu City Civilization and Yunfu City Journalists' Association and a number of administrative agencies and the news media.
Party branch set up
June 6, Yunfu City Party Working officially approved party branch committee for the Makish stone industry established. June 12, the Party branch established unveiling ceremony formally held. The establishment of the Party branch conducive to the organization and led the life and learning of all employees, to set up a bridge of communication between business and government.Create outstanding enterprises and advanced branch, Makish always make a more social responsibility as the statue high mission.
Leading Care
Since Company opening, has been subject to the leadership's loving care and love of the the Yunfu municipal government, Yunfu Municipal Committee, Party Secretary Huang Qiang, Mayor Zhuo zhiqiang,Vice Mayor Wong Zhihao, District secretary Jiang Zhuanghong, Divisional Officer Ou Hao and ohet main leaders visit the company and guide the work on many occasions. Mayor Zhuo and Vice Mayor Feng research for three times, fully affirmed the success idea and stage achievements of Makish, and Spain LEVANTINA Group's strategic cooperation. Encouraged the Makish itself into Yunfu Stone industry to be sophisticated innovative faction and leading power faction enterprise.
Strategic cooperation agreement
International perspective, macroscopic layout, integration of resources, complementary advantages, cooperation and development, harmony and win-win. Strategic cooperation with Spain LEVANTINA Group who is the top natural stone supplier in the world, this is the inevitable choice to achieve "bigger and stronger" for Makish stone industry under the international background.
Hall completed celebrations
Company opened Showrooms celebration, get attention and full support of sectors of the community and Spanish partners in Yunfu City. The Yunfu City Vice Mayor Wang zhihao and other important leaders and the president of Spain in Guangzhou, China, Economic and Commercial Counsellor ,and Spain LEVANTINA Group VIP ceremoniously attended the event, this expressed the entrepreneurial verve and career compelling vision of Makish.
Multifunctional professional stone exhibition hall
Makish (Yunfu) stone co., Ltd. has a strategic cooperation with Spain LEVANTINA group. LEVANYINA Asia first stone exhibition hall, The direct investment LEVANYINA by Spain LEVANTINA Group, March 12, 2012, was completed and opened in China Guangdong Yunfu. LEVANTINA by MAKISH exhibition hall managed and operated by the Makish stone industry independently, multifunctional professional stone exhibition hall is a successful example of international cooperation, She became a gorgeous entity cards of Makish brand strategy, and show Makish stone industry's professionalism and industry verve.
The establishment of the company
March 12, 2012, Makish (Yunfu) stone co., Ltd. was officially Opened. Makish (Yunfu) stone co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprises of Hong Kong Makish Group. The company registered capital of 30 million yuan, the headquarters is located in Yunfu City, through the world of international trade center stone.
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